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About Me

Hey, Thank You for taking out time to know more about me!Well, I am Dhara J. Rajpara

 I have been conducting workshops since the day I became a legal adult to the world – 2012 ; the year when the world thought it was going to end, I apparently found my vision & mission have trained more than 6000 people - Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Professionals, Homemakers, Kids & Teenagers."I am humbled to often be associated as an 'Inspiration to all age groups of people.'"

My vision is to inspire people globally to live a life full of Freedom, Excitement, Enjoyment, Enthusiasm & Self Confidence.

I am on a mission to support Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs bridge the gap between Learning & Implementation through training workshops & mentoring. Along with which, any form of contribution with respect to the field of Education & Parenting gets me going!

I strongly believe and promote the idea that "Jo bhi karo, Mazaa aana chaiye" which means seek joy in whatever you do. If the path you are walking on - both its pros and cons, brings you joy, it's the right direction for you.

Having a strong need to explore and reach my full potential, I have had the privilege to work in a Gujarati film "Chitkar" as a Supporting Actress. I am a student of Psychology & also a Certified Digital Marketer!

Music holds a special place in my heart – when I don’t work, I am busy playing the keys & Guitar! Like everyone I’m the ordinary on the path to be an extraordinary so the extra to deliver my mission to the world comes to me with my time spent in nature, hikes & road trips

Most importantly, I don’t appreciate it when people pronounce my name as "Dhaaraa"(धारा), it is Dhara(धरा) not Dhaaraa(धारा) ;)

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